Thursday, October 31, 2013

Introducing the new daily immune system booster for the wired life

Today’s wired life leaves many with immune system deficiency problems so that though they think they are working for a living to live, they are actually working for a living to die due to the biochemical and other immune system deficiencies that are inherent in computer use resulting in various health issues not normally linked to computer use.

Many would like to improve their health with diet but are too busy to prepare such meals or do not have the knowledge of such meals or that they even exist.

In my never ending search of ways of getting the information about the true costs health wise of the wired life and how to overcome them, I am introducing what I call the wired life daily health boosters.

I will prepare two food products that can be picked up daily from me on the way to work or weekly. This is currently available for people living in parts of Central and Northern New Jersey. I will also conduct cooking classes for those interested in learning how to make them. I can go over to homes or have them come to me.
In a bid to make this available nationwide, I am offering a franchise program to anyone interested in introducing this program to their home area.

Therefore now boost your immune system on the go and avoid devastating consequences of computer use by taking on a daily basis, a well balanced home made smoothie/juice made by me.the expert on health solutions for the wired life Adetutu Ijose a consultant, coach, speaker and author of 15 books on health solutions for the computer user (i.e. health solutions for the wired life) including “Healing Juicing, Smoothies and Milkshake Recipes” and Healing Meals Recipes"

Pick up your freshly made smoothiejuicee daily on the way to work or weekly and refrigerate or freeze. Take it throughout the day at work, home or school and begin to see your health improve.
Daily and weekly orders and pickup are available. Delivery can also be arranged where possible 

Contact Adetutu Ijose directly with regards to any of these offers or for more information at

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Understanding Exercise Boot Camps and Retreats for Better Exercise Based Health Results

Exercise boot camps are typically programs that get you to leave the home and familiar environment and go to a designated unfamiliar place to avoid distractions when the programs are going on. They are sometimes also referred as exercise retreats.

These programs are designed to drill into the participants the benefits of the exercise program by providing both learning/study workshop sessions on the practice of and theory behind the regimen being followed as well as practical exercise sessions.

This 2-pronged approach is supposed to provide a better understanding of the benefits of the regimen in a way that is makes it easier to internalize and retain.

There are many kinds of indoor and outdoor exercise boot camp and retreats available today. There are also early morning drill kinds as well as evening based programs.

Please go to to read the complete article and learn more. What you learn may be the key to a turnaround in your health. It is important that everyone finds the best exercise regimen that suits their particular need. For some people, this will be it.

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