Thursday, March 14, 2013

Resources that provide health solutions for Computer User

There is scarcity of genuine information that provide solutions to the health problems such as stress, depression and other mental health symptoms, allergies, dry eyes and other compute vision syndromes, muscleloskeletal and other more serious and even life threatening medical conditions that computer users face on a daily basis.

The medical profession has little knowledge of these issues which are routinely misdiagnosed an medicated like other ailments they resemble with ire consequences including loss of employment and livelihood and even loss of life in some cases.

Because computer use is here to stay, it is important that users take ownership of their health an learn what to do and how to communicate with their doctors to avoid misdiagnosis.

Adetutu Ijose has written 14 books to date to help everyone help themselves and all their loved ones.
All her books listed below are available in print format from and in ebook format for kindle , ipad, nook, kobo, and most other ebook readesr and can be purchased from the various ebook stores.

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Computer Use Induced Health Conditions related books by Adetutu Ijose as at the time of writing are:

1)                  Lessons I Learned the Hard Way: How to Identify, Minimize, Treat and Manage Computer Related Health Condition

2)                  Computer Related Health Condition: Understanding the Human Computer
3)                  Healing Juicing Smoothie and Milk Shake Recipes: Juices, Smoothies and Milk Shakes that Help the Body Achieve its Self Healing Process

4)                  Healing Meals Recipe: Meals that Help the Body Achieve its Self Healing Process

5)                  Cyber Bullying: How and Why Bullies operate

6)                  Global Epidemic: The Human Abuse of the Computer

7)                  Computer Use Addiction and Withdrawal Syndromes: What You Need to Know

8)                  Teenage and Adult Texting Addictions: What You Need to Know

9)                  Allergies, Asthma and Computer Use: The Contributory Effects of Computer Use to Allergies and Asthma Trends

10)              Computer Use Induced Stress: What You Need to Know

11)              The Health effect of Video Games: What You Need to Know

12)              Eyes, Vision and Computer Use: How You can Protect Yourself From Technology Use Induced Harm

13)              Obesity and Computer Use: What You Need to Know

14)              Water, Dehydration and Computer Use: Learn How to Protect Yourself

15)       The Health Effects of Computer Use on Women: What Every Woman Needs to Know

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