Monday, August 16, 2010

The Silent, Ignored Global Epidemic - Part I of a Three Part Article

Most people privately acknowledge that computer related health issues affect everyone but no one takes them seriously. In public no one want to touch the topic because of a mistaken fear that it will lead to many people not using the computer and affect our economy.

The truth is that it is not acknowledging there is a problem and learning how to minimize it so it does not become devastating that is threatening to turn us into a world of irreversibly broken human computers. Such a situation will actually force most people to become unable to work with the computer regardless of whether they want to or not. No one knows how much time we have left before the situation becomes irreversible and a change from technological advancement is force upon us as a survival strategy. This is a very likely scenario because of our mistaken belief that everything can be medicated.

This is a preventable outcome if we choose to operate outside of the box of unwarranted fear we have boxed ourselves into.......

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