Monday, August 19, 2013

Computer users and the mental health debate

It is obvious to all that the general mental health of the peoples of the earth seems to be deteriorating and the deterioration is global.
What might be causing this? There are many issues. One may lie in the one indispensable tool to living in the modern world.
The very technology that has made the modern world a global village providing instant connection may be part of the root of the problem

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Nine Exercises You Can Do at Your Workstation Without Drawing Attention

Here is another of my articles from 2010. Receive insight to make your life as a computer use better as you read

Workers Need to Be Creative in Exercising to Avoid Becoming a Workplace Distraction for Colleagues.

Further to my article on “Ergonomics, Exercise and the Computer Use Experience” here are eight exercises you can do at your workstation without drawing undue attention to yourself. You do not have to do all of them. Discuss any exercise regime you want to adopt with your physician who is in a better position to access what your body can handle.
1.   Leg Lifts. While seated Lift both legs to thigh or chair seat level and lower them again. Do this about 5 times. This exercise helps in improving circulation to the legs. It could also help in tightening abdominal muscles and improve bowel movement and fecal waste removal if you are slightly constipated.
2.   Lift up one leg and lower it as if walking while seated. Do the same thing with the other leg. Repeat a few times while typing away on the keyboard.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

8 Benefits of Taking a Computer Free Vacation

This is an article I wrote in 2010. It provides you with 8 Reasons Not to Feel Guilty About Not Checking Your Email While on Vacation. 
1) You detoxify your system from all the anxiety of the daily grind. A vacation from work we are told is necessary to help us maintain a high productivity level. Many of us sometimes carry our work with us on our vacations. We check the email everyday. In addition many of us spend the time on social websites and so instead of feeling relaxed when we get back we immediately loose all the feel good feeling we had on vacation. It's like it never happened. We are uptight from the first day back at work.
2) You get much needed exposure to sunlight, fresh air, outdoor exercises and our natural coded way of existence that the body critically needs if it is going to be able to handle the long hours of unnatural existence you expose it to at work coped up in closed window office buildings in front of a computer.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Computer Use induced stress

Computer use is not limited to laptops and desktops but also includes the use of most of our modern gadgets such as iphones, ipads, video games, cell phones and so on that are actually minicomputers.

Our continual exposure to the toxic environment created by operating these tools without adequate preventive measures exposes our human machine system to stresses not naturally coded to it and which it consequently finds difficult to handle on the continuous basis required by our highly wired modern lifestyle.

In the book – Computer Use Induced Stress, Adetutu Ijose in her usual forthright way explains how and why computer use is stressful to the body.

She seeks to help all computer users, their loved ones and doctors gain an understanding of these issues, the underlying reasons why we all feel so stressed out in the modern technology age.

She reveals the overexposure to toxins present in the computer use environment as we go from laptops/desktops to iphones, video games, ipads to cell phone especially when texting and tweeting.

She explains how these unique stresses can be easy misdiagnosed as other more commonly known stresses with dire consequences.

She provides practical solutions on how to problem and how to handle computer use so we minimize these stresses and its effects.

Who knew diet and exercise was important in responsible computer use.

This book is a must for anyone who wants to live successfully in the technological age.

It is important reading for all ages and for both users and medical professionals.

Parents please do not take this issue lightly get this book for you and your children. It is investment well worth it.

.Are you wondering why you are so tired from computer use or why you get so cranky or feel overwhelmed at work or are having communication problems and why no medication seems to be able to make things better?

Maybe the stress inherent in computer use is overwhelming your body’s system. Read this book to find all you need to know to help yourself and avoid a misdiagnosis. 

Give this book to your doctor to read it may save you from a lot of trouble. It may also help you to increase your productivity and avoid being laid off or losing your career due to avoidable health consequence of computer use.

This book is available at in print and also in ebook format for kindle, ipad, nook, kobo and most other ebook reader formats.

It is available at  the Book Gallery at Ms. Ijose's website

Contact Ms. Ijose at or


8 Signs that Indicate Your Insomnia is Computer Use Induced

Insomnia that is Not Resolved by Medication but that Results in Continuous Change in Medication and or Dosage Could Be a Problem for Computer Users

Computer induced insomnia is not well understood and many times could be misdiagnosed as being entirely worry stress induced leading to the mistake of trying to resolve it with medication. This mistake could lead to further depletion of various biochemicals and nutrients resulting in psychotic or mental issue like symptoms. Please refer to my articles title The silent ignored global epidemic part I and especially part II to read more about computer use ailment symptoms mimicking other ailments.
People suffering from this type of insomnia are not really psychotic or badly depressed and administration of anti depressant could turn them into psychotic and badly depressed people with no resolution to their problems but an ever-increasing need to change their medications or dosages.