Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Water dehydration and the computer user’s health

A large percentage of the human body weight is water. In fact science tells us our brains are 60% water. The electrical currents that operate our body systems need water for transmission. That is how we understood how to generate hydroelectric power supply.

If our bodies get dehydrated the normal electrical transmission system in our bodies could be affected and we begin to feel uncomfortable as the biochemical supply in various body parts are depleted as the receptors malfunction from the lack of hydration.

When we sit before a computer, the light and electrical charges that emit from the screen enable us to see the objects on the screen, they also dehydrate the surrounding area consequently dehydrating our skins when we sit in offices where there is no natural ventilation

Natural outside air is coded to continuously rehydrate itself. This natural process is lost in closed window environments resulting in a feeling of discomfort when we work for long periods in such environment due to the effect of the dehydration on the electrical transmission systems in our bodies starting from our skin and into the inward part of our systems.

The dehydration of the skin around our eyes I have discovered is the reason for the dry eyes symptoms we sometimes feel during and after computer use. That is why eye drops do not help. Washing the face regularly helps but I have discovered that spraying specially PH balanced water on the facial skin gives a much more dramatic and longer lasting effect. This is because atmospheric water has a different PH from that of tap water.

I discovered this by accident when a company sent me some bottles of PH balanced water as a moisturizing beauty sample product. I decided to see if it could work as a rehydrating balm for the skin around my eyes. It worked and after a few days of use my chronic dry eyes that had resisted all other solutions became almost non-existent.

I hope we can see the importance of water to the computer user. We need to drink water to meet the frequent thirsty feelings (not soda) and ensure adequate skin hydration.

It is important to note that without access to outside fresh air that can easily be achieved by cracking open the windows, we will not achieve enough hydration to achieve optimal body and brain function and consequently work productivity.

It is important to locate our home computers close to the window to allow fresh air to come in.

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