Saturday, January 26, 2013

New book on - Water, Dehyration and Computer Use

Read the new book by Adetutu Ijose titled Water, Dehydration and Computer Use: Learn How to Protect Yourself.

In this new book Ms. Ijose draws attention to yet another aspect of human health not normally associated with computer use but which unbeknown to users is actually inherent in computer use.

That is because light can only pass into humans via water. Secondly, light dries up water and though our brains via our hearts do not recognize the computer light as true light because it is lifeless, but treats it like a virus in a computer system, the water drying function of light inherent in all forms of light in the earth's atmosphere is true of computer light.

Consequently, the issue of  dehydration is serious for all computer users. That is why we are constantly feeling thirsty when in front of the computer. Many try to solve the thirst problem the wrong way by taking sodas and other fluids. The only good solution to computer use induced thirst is water.

This issue is why computer users have dry eyes problems that do not resolve with eye drops. The dry eyes are the result of the dehydration of the skin, muscles and possibly nerve receptors around the eyes where the tear ducts are. Read more about this and possible nerve infection from the book.

The book provides practical solutions to this and other issues identified as being caused by computer use induced dehydration. This is in addition to explaining why and how the dehydration happens as well as the biochemical implications of such dehydration.

This book is available at in print and also in ebook format for kindle,kobo, ipad, nook and most other ebook reader formats

It is also available at and from  the Book Gallery at Ms. Ijose's website

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Monday, January 14, 2013

Why Computer use is incompatible with uncontrolled gun access

We are in the technology age where computers rule our daily lives and actions. Because this exposes us to artificial light we are not naturally coded with, it results in the excessive use of biochemicals and other nutrients our hearts, brains and other body organs and processes use when we are in the presence of light without any replenishment.

This means we are in a situation of continually deficiency in the biochemicals that keep us calm and ensure we do not over produce the ones that keep us excited so we can take correct and prudent decisions.

This is a very stressful condition for the body to be in especially as we are usually in places without access to the sun most of the day because we are indoors.

Now lets take a look at the effect of having guns around. Is it stressful to the body’s system giving us a heightened awareness of danger? The guns make us feel in control and ready to meet any challenge. This state of heightened awareness is stressful to the body resulting in continual production of a lot of adrenalin and other biochemicals we need to carry out fast action.

Having guns around is also stressful because we must exercise control over ourselves not to be too fearful and not to answer every opposition with gunfire.

As we can see guns access means we need a lot of the biochemicals that keep us calm so we do not over react.

This is not compatible with modern living that heavily uses up those same biochemicals which means we are all one step away from being out of control and over fearful.

Statistics in the media since the awful incidence in Sandy Hook Elementary School in December 2012 Connecticut bear this out.

In countries where there is a lot of technology use but limited access to gun there is less gun violence, as people there do not have the luxury of expressing their overproduction of excitatory biochemicals we call excitatory neurotransmitter through guns.

Since computers are here to stay, if we do not want mass murder to become an incontrollable epidemic, we must enact sensible gun control laws and face the reality of the fact that our technology use has limitations and learn to live within them.