Thursday, August 1, 2013

8 Signs that Indicate Your Insomnia is Computer Use Induced

Insomnia that is Not Resolved by Medication but that Results in Continuous Change in Medication and or Dosage Could Be a Problem for Computer Users

Computer induced insomnia is not well understood and many times could be misdiagnosed as being entirely worry stress induced leading to the mistake of trying to resolve it with medication. This mistake could lead to further depletion of various biochemicals and nutrients resulting in psychotic or mental issue like symptoms. Please refer to my articles title The silent ignored global epidemic part I and especially part II to read more about computer use ailment symptoms mimicking other ailments.
People suffering from this type of insomnia are not really psychotic or badly depressed and administration of anti depressant could turn them into psychotic and badly depressed people with no resolution to their problems but an ever-increasing need to change their medications or dosages.

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